How to achieve the look you want and follow the trend

  How to develop your style and follow the trend is a guide for people who want to learn how to develop their style and follow the trend. Getting into fashion can be scary if you’re a newbie. Like starting to learn a new language. Everyone around you seems to know what they’re doing and speaking in terms you don’t know. How do they do it? Not to worry, here’s a quick and easy step-by-step guide for you.

  • Look into your closet

As a first step, look into your closet. See what you have and start from there. Get an idea of what you have and what you want. You don’t need to get rid of your whole wardrobe to start getting into fashion

  • Find fashion inspiration

  Celebrities, idols, or even that stylish coworker you have. Having real-life people you can get inspired by broadens your options and can be a game-changer.

  • Create mood boards

  Pinterest is your best friend. Remember all that inspiration you’re gathering? Put it into boards. How you categorize it is up to you. Pants, tops, and skirts maybe, or a board for each outfit or aesthetic.

  • Observe, Observe, Observe

  Pretend you are a researcher in a foreign country that is trying to find out as much as possible about the local customs. Take the time to look around and train your eyes. Observe the people, what types of pieces are they wearing, what colors they mix, what shoes they pair with their outfits, how they accessories, and so on.

  • Imitate, Imitate, Imitate

  Now put your observations into practice. For a complete beginner, imitating others can be a super helpful technique, because it gives you a concrete base that you can use as a starting point.

  • Start from your most worn piece

  A fail-proof way to start updating your closet and how you dress is to use that piece as the starting point. Try it in different ways and combinations than what you’re used to.

  • Experiment

  Give yourself the space to try things. Trial and error is one of the best ways to develop anything. Try things once or twice.

  • Get out of your comfort-zone

  Actively seek out new styles, colors, and silhouettes that are outside of your typical comfort zone, all for the sake of research. Set no expectations.

  At the end of the day, embrace yourself and let your personality show through the way you dress. Be confident in who you are and what you’re doing and you’ll find your style.

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