six essential pieces for every wardrobe

Fashion necessities that will take your style to the next level this 2021

A Fashion Grocery Shopping List for the Modern Woman. Find what you need to know about fashion essentials. Trends are ever-changing but do you want to step up your style always? We’ve compiled a list for you to mix and match no matter what.

  • White button up shirt:

This is probably the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Under, over, or on its own, a white shirt is your best friend.

  • Plain white tee suitable for modern woman :
The ultimate top that can be worn with pretty much any and everything.

Cozy sweater:

No matter the time of year, sometimes you just want to be warm and follow the fashion in the same time.

  • Denim jacket
You can’t go wrong with denim.

Light cardigan:

For when you might need the same warmth but you’re not sure so light cardigan must be in your shopping list.

  • Scarves:

Can be the thing that ties an outfit together or adds a pop of color.

  • Hats:

There’s power in tipping your hat at people that can change the whole vibe of your look.

This is a shortlist, but don’t be afraid to mix and match till you find an outfit you can rock on your next outing.

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