The Best Tie-Dye Clothing Set For Women

Tie-dye. The first thing that pops into mind is bright swirls of color and DIY projects. What started as your next handmade project ended up making its way into high fashion.

tie-dye, the multicolored marvel that it is, is simply the latest unlikely trend to have resurfaced.

Although the 1960s is when tie-dye got its name, thanks to the hippie movement and Rit dye the American brand marketing its new liquid formula to artists, the method of twisting and dyeing fabric is actually much older. The earliest examples date back as far as 500 AD Peru, but similar garments have appeared everywhere from Asia to Africa.

How to style tie-dye?

Here’s a list of tips and suggestions to get the most out of your outfit.

1- Keep it simple.

Pair a tie-dye shirt with plain light-washed jeans or tie-dye pants with a plain white t-shirt.

2- Accessorize with tie-dye.

Accessories are the main component of your outfit that can make it or break it. Use that to your advantage

3- Go all out in a full tie-dye set.

Tie-dye from head to toe can sound daunting but surprisingly works. Take a look at our full set which you can rock all summer long.

4- Denim and layers.

Two things you can’t go wrong with, denim and layers. A bright tie-dye shirt paired with a denim jacket? Sounds like a solid plan to me.

5- Go for a Statement Piece

Tie-dye is bright and in your face, wear it with confidence and make a statement. An example of this is our tie-dye jacket.

6- Make it as fancy or simple as you want

A tie-dye dress matched with a belt and a purse for your next fancy dinner, or tie dye sweatpants for a trip to the gym. It works both ways.

7- Pastels

Soft pastel colors alongside tie-dye, think about it for a second…yes, it just works.

Lastly, put on a smile and wear it with confidence to bring it all together.

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