The Most Effective Way to Keep Your Clothes Looking Brand New

One of the worst feelings is when your favorite clothes start losing their luster and looking worn out. Here are some tips to avoid that and keep your clothes looking brand new.

  • Read the care label.

Yes, that small slip you ignore or cut off even. In order to keep your clothes in good shape, you need to take care of them correctly. And if the wash symbols are confusing, a quick google search can help you understand them.

  • Actually follow the care label.

Now that you read and understood the instructions, follow them. Even if it’s extra effort, it’ll pay off the longer it makes your clothes last.

  • Wash your clothes less.

This is not an invitation to be nasty but doesn’t over-wash your clothes either. Washing is the quickest way to make clothes fade.

  • Sort your laundry.

Colors bleed, they always do. Even if it’s unnoticeable, it happens. So, the simplest way to save your whites is to wash them separately from colored garments. The way I do it is by splitting laundry into whites, colored, and blacks.

  • Wash things inside out.

A simple tip that can save lots of your clothes especially printed t-shirts

  • Reduce water temperature.

Follow the care label, but a general rule of thumb is to use cold water or at least the lowest temperature available. You’re washing your clothes, not making soup.

  • Less detergent.

Just eyeballing the amount of detergent used is way easier, I know, but measuring and using the least possible amount will ensure your clothes last longer.

  • Ditch the fabric softener.

The fewer chemicals you expose your fabrics too, the better. A more eco-friendly alternative is vinegar.

  • Air dry if possible.

Choose a clothing line over the dryer and treat your garments with more care.

  • Iron your clothes.

Extra effort but not only does it look more presentable, it also helps maintain your clothes for longer. Just remember to use the correct settings and not fry your fabric with high temperatures.

  • Store the clothes properly after cleaning.

The laundry pile is way easier and less time-consuming but storing your clothes properly can help in washing them less and maintaining them more.

At the end of the day, even if these tips seem like common sense or tips your mother told you the first time you did the laundry by yourself, they are proven to work and help your favorite clothes last longer.

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