Midnight Charm Set in Silver

EGP 2,490

  • Material is Velvet
  • Kimono is free size (oversized fit)
  • Length of the Kimono is 100 cm front and 125 cm back

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Embrace the night in unparalleled comfort with Pose’s “Midnight Charm Set in Silver,” a creation where elegance meets a whisper of mystery. This set isn’t just a combination of pieces; it’s a silhouette designed to glide with you, offering a canvas to paint your unique style story.

Velvet Elegance Reimagined:
The Midnight Charm Set is a sartorial haven sculpted from lush velvet. The feel of the fabric is nothing short of a soft caress against the skin, bringing together the luxury of velvet with a design that speaks to the soul. It’s like stepping into a serene evening, with the fabric’s plushness echoing the tranquility of nightfall.

Inclusive Sizing:
Fashion should know no bounds, and the Midnight Charm Set stands as a testament to this belief. With a kimono offering an oversized fit, it welcomes individuals of varying sizes, from S/M suited for up to 75-80 kilos to L/XL, perfect for up to 90-95 kilos. This set honors the beauty in diversity, ensuring everyone can indulge in the elegance it offers.

Dramatic Asymmetry:
The kimono captivates with its asymmetrical hem, dropping to 125 cm at the back, a subtle nod to traditional cuts, yet reinvented for the contemporary woman. This design element adds a graceful flow to the garment, making it a statement piece that’s both classic and avant-garde.

A Palette of Midnight Silver:
The Midnight Charm Set shines in a silver hue that mirrors the enigmatic allure of the moon’s glow against the velvet night sky. It’s a color that doesn’t shout but rather whispers a tale of sophistication and timeless charm.

Care for Your Set:
To ensure your Midnight Charm Set remains a staple in your wardrobe for years to come, we suggest dry cleaning only. This method is essential to preserve the fabric’s soft texture and the color’s depth, keeping your set as mesmerizing as the night sky.

Step into the embrace of the Midnight Charm Set and let it take you on a journey through the night in style. With its luxurious velvet, inclusive design, and dramatic silhouette, it’s more than just clothing – it’s a celebration of personal style and comfort.

Weight1 kg

L/XL upto 90-95 kilos, S/M up to 75-80 Kilos

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