How to restyle your old clothes step by step

We give professional advice on how to restyle your old clothes step by step for the new year without buying an entirely new wardrobe, thanks to our enthusiasm for sustainable design.

How to restyle your old clothes

Most people enjoy shopping just as much as all people.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, and I want to tell it to you.

It’s that there’s a lot you can do with the items in your closet if you focus on re-wearing rather than buying something new on the spur of the moment.

I understand that wearing your clothes more than once may appear to be an easy chore, but as someone who enjoys trying out new trends and designs.

It might be tempting to check out the following ideas to learn how to restyle your old clothes and use what you already own.

Change the buttons on your outfit or add more for a more decorative look

When wondering how to restyle your old clothes, this idea should be mentioned.

Replacing the buttons on an old piece of clothing is the simplest method to update it.

You may either go to a craft store or a thrift store to see if you can locate anything that can be used to exchange buttons.

To make it more secure, make sure you use a strong thread.

Here’s a little video showing you how to sew a button.

Make the hems of dresses, skirts, and pants shorter

If you have a dress, skirt, or pants that aren’t the proper length for you or want to update to fit current trends, it’s a simple adjustment.

If possible, have someone assist you in pinning it to the desired length.

Then flip it inside out, measure to make sure it’s even, and press along the new fold with a hot iron.

Then stitch around the new hem you’ve made using a needle and thread or a sewing machine.

Here’s a video that will walk you through the process.

This entire video is full of terrific altering basics to get you started.

How to restyle your old clothes: Bring in your too-big-for-you jeans

It’s the worst when you have a favorite pair of jeans that get too big on you.

It is pretty simple to make them a bit tighter: it won’t be a perfect fit, but it’ll be better than them falling every two seconds.

All you have to do is measure how much you want to take out of the pants and divide this twice.

Make two folds on the back of your pants, above each pocket, that are the same length.

Pin in a diagonal line from the top of the pocket to the bottom, then turn inside out and stitch.

This results in a “dart.” This video demonstrates how to do it properly.

Make a slit in an out-of-season maxi dress or skirt

This is an excellent method to spruce up outdated clothing that you no longer like, and that is in light of how to restyle your old clothes.

Trace where you want the slit with a washable marker, then lay it flat and cut as high as you’d like with sewing scissors.

Turn the fabric inside out and fold it in half a millimeter twice.

Sew and pin! You might not even need to stitch a hemline if the skirt is made of jersey or elastic material.

This video not only shows you how to hem your slit, but it also shows you how to make the full skirt.

How to restyle your old clothes:  Make a headband out of the bottom of a t-shirt

If you’ve ever cut a regular t-shirt into a crop top.

I’m sure you tossed the leftover band of fabric since there was nothing more you could do with it.

It’s pretty simple to make that into a textile headband. Remove the hem and trim the edges.

Produce an “8” form with the fabric band on the floor, then fold it over and in on itself to make a headband.

Although it appears to be difficult, this video makes it out to be simple.

Make a strappy singlet out of a t-shirt

This entails removing the t-shirt’s bottom band, followed by the upper portion and sleeves.

Cut the bottom cloth into straps that you can attach to the top or use fabric glue.

The steps are laid out in this video in order.

Turn a t-shirt into an off-the-shoulder top

This is an easy idea that teaches you how to restyle your old clothes and is a good outfit for daily wear.

If you don’t want to part with your shirt, you may cut the neckline off and turn it into a cute off-the-shoulder top.

Trim the bottom and the upper piece right beneath the sleeves to the desired length.

Add two seams along the side if you want it to be tighter, and use the extra fabric to construct sleeves that you can sew to the main body. This video covers everything in detail.

Make a simple shirt more interesting by adding a zipper

This one is so simple that I’m surprised I didn’t think of it sooner when I talked about how to restyle your old clothes.

To obtain that zipper effect, it’ll look best on a turtleneck.

Get a cute-looking zipper from a craft store, then cut a line the same length down the center of your shirt.

Stick the zipper on with fabric adhesive, and you’re done! Here’s a video to assist you.

Make a v-neck out of a crew-neck shirt

How to restyle your old clothes
How to restyle your old clothes

If you have an old t-shirt with a neckline that you don’t like, it’s simple to turn it into a V-neck.

Remove the front of the neckband, up to the shoulder seams, with a seam ripper.

Fold the garment lengthwise in half and measure 3 cm down from the original neckline.

Cut the neckband in half on the diagonal with very sharp scissors.

Stretch the two parts out, pin them back together, and stitch them together.

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