Houndstooth Jacket … What style of dress is this?

Houndstooth Jacket has taken the place of gingham. Gingham has always been Summer’s check of choice, at least as far back as I can recall. However, another woven star, houndstooth, gives the traditional after-Labor-Day pattern a run for its money this season.

Houndstooth Jacket

Before we talk about Women’s Coats & Jackets, we have to know first, What is the origin of the houndstooth pattern’s name?

Houndstooth Jacket is a two-toned textile pattern with broken checks most commonly produced in black and white. It is Scottish in origin. 

The print’s canine-sounding name comes from the uneven form of a hound dog’s teeth, which inspired the design.

Why it’s essential: The classic pattern, which initially appeared in the 1930s, is making a comeback. 

The design was included in Christian Dior’s Spring 2012 couture collection, Rachel Zoe and Stella McCartney wore it last Fall, and Christian Louboutin created a sore heel.

All you need to know about Houndstooth Jacket

Houndstooth is the reason I’m here.

Gorgeous fitted jackets and suits spring to mind when I think about Houndstooth Jacket.

Tweeds that command meetings during the week and cozier variations to relax while enjoying a weekend stroll across the countryside.

You know, the atmosphere is unmistakably English, and the feeling isn’t even close to being Parisian chic. However, this pattern is traditionally followed in Egypt.

As a loyal Egyptian, I encourage everyone to adopt this hitherto sartorial-heights-only motif.

Wear it all over your body, like I do above, and be sure to mix and match your color schemes for a graphic effect.

A houndstooth jacket is undoubtedly one of those trendy pieces that will never go out of style. 

Season after season, we see the traditional print interpreted in innovative and creative ways on the runways, adding a touch of refinement to any ensemble.

While many stylish historical patterns are available, the original houndstooth print is defined by a two-tone textile pattern of broken checks, usually in black and white. 

Fun fact: The print’s canine-sounding name comes from the uneven form of a hound dog’s teeth, which inspired the design. As we mentioned to you above.

The design can now be seen on a wide range of coats and jackets, including puffers, bomber jackets, and, of course, slick blazers. 

The pattern undoubtedly gives a sense of simple elegance to any ensemble, regardless of form. 

Please take a look at these stylish houndstooth ensembles and browse our picks for the best houndstooth coats on the poseeg market right now.


Houndstooth Jacket
Houndstooth Jacket

What prints are famous for the winter of 2022?

  • Leopard print
  • Plaid (tartan)
  • Polka dot
  • Zebra print
  • Mock croc-effect
  • Nordic patterns
  • Checks, fall florals 
  • Florals on a natural background
  • Dark red roses
  • Houndstooth
  • Chevron, stripes
  • Argyle print, gradient
  • Logo prints
  • Artsy prints 

All these are among the prints that will be popular in winter 2022.

Is animal print fashionable in 2022?


Is chevron now fashionable?

Yes, Chevron is, in fact, in style for the winter of 2022.

What flower is print now fashionable?

Dark red roses and dark floral patterns on a dark backdrop are the most fashionable flower prints for winter 2022 and spring-summer 2022.

Is Houndstooth Jacket still famous?

Yes, the houndstooth Jacket will be in style for the jackets of 2022.

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