The Ultimate Secret to choose best slouchy cardigans

Best slouchy cardigans: The slouchy cardigan, or the so-called abaya cardigan, has been on the throne of fashion for the past few years, and it continues to be the essential fashion feature in 2022.

Best slouchy cardigans

 The good news is that wearing the best slouchy cardigan will guarantee you a modern style, hide various body defects and give you a graceful and harmonious appearance.

You have to know some simple rules for wearing a slouchy cardigan to look your best.

Best slouchy cardigans – Read them in the following lines:

Cardigan length

Determine the length of the Best slouchy cardigans according to the size of your body.

You can wear a long cardigan if you are of medium or short stature.

But if you are a little taller, you should wear a cardigan whose length ends directly above the foot, as this will help show you a slightly shorter stature than your actual height.

Cardigan Material

  • The materials of the summer Women’s Cardigans vary between chiffon, silk, satin, or cotton, and the fabric of the cardigan affects the shape of the body when worn.
  • For example, cotton and satin materials show the fuller body areas more, so they are suitable for those with a harmonious or slim body.
  • As for the materials of chiffon and matte silk help to hide the fullness because they are drop-down, do not stick to the body, and do not reflect light greatly, so they fit any body shape, unlike other materials.

Cardigan design

  • Among the best slouchy cardigans of the cardigan is the loose, broad style, or perfectly coordinated with the size of the body.
  • Choose the design that is not wide if your body is short or full.
  • But if you are one of the owners of a long or symmetrical slim body, you are free to choose the style you want.
  • Also, stay away from stark colors and large patterns if your body is chubby.
  • It is best to adhere to the famous general rule in this case:
  • Calm or dark colors and simple patterns are best for a woman who is overweight.

Best slouchy cardigans: Cardigan color

Black is a universal color that looks good with many other colors. You can wear a black cardigan with brown or blue shirts, and you should not give up on light pink, blue and red, for example, a plain blouse with a simple cut of one of these colors. And, of course, the classic version is black and white; it will be appropriate at work, at a social event, and for a walk.

In general, the best slouchy cardigan is one of the simple pieces that can deviate from the rules and are a little familiar when worn. Still, it also needs some caution not to look sloppy and asymmetrical. Keep the above limitations in mind when you plan to wear an abaya cardigan.

At the end of this article, we hope you know clearly how to dress in a slouchy cardigan and be the best of yourself so you can be so confident. And this is the best advice you can take.

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