5 Colors of best cardigans 2021- 2022

Best cardigans 2021 – Of all the global fashion shows I’ve seen, I can’t ignore or notice the return of bright and luminous colors in the trends of fall-winter 2021, starting with the fashion show and its outright reliance on the green, passing a powerful presence The fiery red color, and finally the big fashion houses, and their total dependence on the bright fuchsia color in their fashion shows. I was dazzled by the fall-winter 2021 fashion shows because dark colors are always expected and spread in abundance; however, we should also know that Black is on the list of fashion colors for fall and winter this year!

Best cardigans 2021

Contrary to what we are always used to, having dark and dull colors such as:

  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Dark olive green
  • Beige shades in coats, leather jackets, and velour pants…

This year, hot pink, yellow, blue, and fiery red will conquer all Clothes and stores, and the colors of spring will return to us, but in the form of leather jackets and fur coats…

That is why I will present today’s Women’s Cardigans which are the fashion of fall-winter 2021 colors.

Here are ten colors that are at the fore in fall-winter 2021 fashion

Best cardigans 2021: Fuchsia Fedora

I highly expect to coordinate a full and crisp shade of fuchsia with winter eveningwear and knitted pullovers.

It is a perfect match if your undertone is an Olive Skin Tone.

Brown Root Beer

It is very close to the dark brown “chocolate color” inspired by the roots of the sassafras trees grown in North America and East Asia.

We find it heavily in accessories, especially in winter boots and loafers.

It suits all skin tones, especially those with warm skin.

Dusty light blue Spring Lake

If you are a fan of calm pastel colors, this color will be on your list of favorite colors!

It is suitable for all skin tones, especially those with fair skin who have neutral or cool undertones, and I see its coordination with the brown color that preceded it in our list.

Genie Green Leprechaun

I know his name sounds very strange as the literal translation is “Green Genie”!

But the reason for calling it this name is that it was inspired by the legendary sprites that appeared in Irish folklore.

In any case, about Best cardigans 2021, the green in all its degrees was with us in previous seasons, starting from the spring and summer of 2021.

If you are a fan, you do not dare to wear it.

It can be adopted in your accessories as a bag or A gold ring with a precious stone in it is the same degree as this green, and so on.

Very suitable for those with wheatish, warm, and neutral skin tones.

Best cardigans 2021: Dark red Fire whirl

It is the deep red color that appears in the flame of fire; that is why that name called it!

It is a bold color that gives a sense of elegance, and I will buy a red coat of the same paint to match it in the morning with light jeans.

A white shirt and sneakers, black pants, a black satin blouse, and high-heeled boots at night.

It is suitable for all skin tones of different undertones. 6- Clay brown Adobe

It is a yellowish clay brown inspired by sun-dried clay and will be unique on white people with dark brown hair or with some yellow highlights in the hair.

I think pairing it with a light dusty blue will look very elegant and elegant.

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