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this is just the perfect hoodie for you to wear in winter days with a white shirt attached so you don’t need to wear more layers.


The jacket is made with heavy melton fabrics to make you feel warm on a winter days. Also, it has a hoodie design on the top of the capuchon.

You can’t go wrong with a lime yellow hoodie. You can feel dressed up and look trendy at the same time. This outfit will have you feeling gorgeous, no doubt about it!

just the right size, just the right color, just the right fabric.

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Iam in love with your prouducts and i love you so musch


the outfit is great and thanks a lot for you


6 Reasons to buy lime yellow hoodie..

Reason #1: High quality fabrics

we choose carfully our fabrics from a top egyptian prouducer

Reason #2: Looks ideal for all sizes

as our hoodie is an oversize style so it will look fabolous on you weather your size S or XXL

Reason #3: Works for sensitive skin

Melton is good for senistive skin as it consider cotton

Reason #4: Feel free to check your size

you can feel free to check your size while the courrier waiting for you

Reason #5: Easy Wash

It can be washed easily by warm water

Reason #6: Fast delivery within 2-3 working days

As a shirt design attached to the hoodie no need for other layer under it

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Lime yellow hoodie

the oversized hoodie is the most trendy wear this winter, espically with Lime colour you will be unique

Melton Fabrics 

oversize look

pay on delivery 

and much more>>>

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